Tue. Sep 22nd, 2020

3 Easy Slimming Tips To Curb Fat During the Holidays

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The holidays are a time for good cheer, good food and well, weight gain. Many people gain too many pounds during the festive seasons of the year that folks find it hard to fit into their former sizes. This problem calls for effective slimming tips that focus on natural yet effective slimming methods. You do not have to sacrifice the festive seasons, nor would you have to suffer needlessly after.

1) No need to skip your meals

Some people think that skipping meals would cut down the calories. While this is true, hunger pains would completely throw short-term solutions down the drain. One of the more effective slimming tips for the holidays is the one-meal approach. The one-meal approach focuses on balanced proportions.

For example, you can indulge yourself during breakfast time, but for lunch, snacks and suppertime you have to eat very sensibly. This approach can be altered depending on your mood.

If you want a fat, juicy beefsteak at suppertime, you have to eat wisely from breakfast to lunch. This way you would not have to take in so many calories. But at the same time, you can indulge yourself with the beefsteak. Do you see how reasonable this particular approach is? There would be no direct deprivations and yet the total caloric intake would be controlled.

The trick is to eat as much as you want in just one meal. The rest of the day, you consume only vegetables and fruits or all the foods that would help shed the pounds. It is pleasure and weight-loss rolled into one.

2) Dinnertime is better with two courses

Again, food time is not about deprivation. You just have to enjoy less of the things you find tasty. One of the effective slimming tips is about reducing dinnertime meals to two courses.

Why two courses? Most people enjoy three or four-course meals. You have a main course, a side dish and a dessert. Sometimes that is two side dishes together with a main dish and then some dessert.

There are several variations, but the point is you would be consuming far too many calories at night. Too many calories at night translate to flab because you do not need that many calories as you rest.

Unless you are working in a factory at night, hauling car engines and attaching car doors manually, you do not need 2,500 calories. At most, you should feel full at 800 or 900 calories or even less.

It is not that difficult to reduce your meals to two courses. For example, you can have your sumptuous main dish and your sugary dessert; but no more side dishes. Or you can have your starter course and just the sugary dessert. Less calories, but indulgence is still part of your meal.

People are often afraid of starting diets because they fear deprivation. If you learn how to eat sensibly by just removing some excess meals, there is no way that you would not slim down naturally.

3) A bit of walking can go a long way

We are not only talking about physical distance. If you walk ten minutes a day around your house, you are bound to lose weight. Not only would you be losing weigh, but you are making your cardiovascular system that much healthier as well.

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