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Slimming Tips For Men and Women – Gadgets in Your Kitchen That Will Help You Lose Weight!

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The equation for weight loss is really simple. To lose weight, consume less calories and burn excess calories through regular exercise. To most overweight persons, the exercise part can be tolerable. Walking, swimming, biking, housework, even mowing the lawn will help them burn calories. The hard part for most weight losers will be controlling their food intake.

Dieting involves the consumption of less calories and requires a lot of will power and discipline.

You Are What You Cook

You may have noticed that a lot of good cooks can eat whatever they like and still be able to maintain a good figure. They say that dieting doesn’t mean avoiding your favorite food. You might end up feeling deprived and you could go on a food binge.

Your method of preparing food is a key factor in losing or gaining weight. If you like your food deep fried, crispy and oily, then you are bound to be overweight.

If you are on a diet now and consuming lots of salad, that is a great way of keeping a trim figure. If you, however, slather heaps of salad cream on your salad, then you are bound to gain more weight because salad cream contains a lot of undesirable fat. Getting yourself with great helpings of salad cream is like having a complete five-course dinner. Don’t use fattening mayonnaise on your salad; use herbal vinegar instead. Binging on ice cream and pastries will also produce the same undesirable fattening effects.

Roasters And Broilers

If you simply can’t do without eating crispy meat, then choose roasting instead of frying the meat. Roasting requires no oil. The natural oil in the meat is sufficient to cook the meat with.

A turbo broiler or a convection cooker is a delicious way of cooking chicken or chicken parts. It can make meats crispy, something you can’t make a microwave oven do. Broilers and convection cookers can make meats crispy without needing to deep-fry it.


Don’t forget that grilled foods are also a treat. Like roasting, grilling cooks meats in their own juices so there’s no need for additional oil. You can use ovens with grill features to grill chicken, fish, or roast meats without the need of deep frying.

Popcorn Maker

Crispy junk foods are fattening. Go to the supermarket and buy freeze dried slices of fruits and vegetables which are good substitutes for potato chips. Or you can make your own popcorn with a popcorn machine. Don’t butter your popcorn; use salt or herbs for seasoning instead.


Steamers easily cooks tasty meals that are both healthy and non-fattening. You can cook steamed fish, chicken or rice in it without worrying about getting overweight. When steaming chicken, remember to remove the skin as it contains a lot of fat. You can also cook a delicious meal of steamed fish by seasoning it with light soy sauce, chopped ginger and sesame oil before cooking. You can also have some steamed veggies with it to make a tasty but non-fattening meal.

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