Sat. Oct 31st, 2020

Top 5 Slimming Tips

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When it comes to losing weight we could all do with some slimming advice, as let’s face it there is so much conflicting information out there, it’s hard to know what to believe and who to trust. To this end I have listed the best available slimming advice towards helping you lose weight and have a healthier life.

1. Don’t miss meals in order to lose weight. If you skip a meal, your blood sugar level drops and this leads to cravings for high-energy foods such as chocolate and sweets. Missing meals can also lead to bad long-term eating habits.

2. Grill or steam instead of frying food, eat low-fat varieties of dairy products, and cut down on alcohol and sugar, natural weight loss can be dramatic. Choose fish, skinless chicken and lean meat, and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. You can then lose weight effortlessly while you continue to eat normal quantities of bread and cereals.

3. Make sure to keep active. When your calorie intake decreases, your body responds by trying to save calories. It shuts off access to the fat store that you are keen to use up, so that you do not burn up unnecessary calories. But if you start to take up regular exercise, the body will respond in the opposite way – you burn more calories, and use up more of the body’s stores of fat to help provide the necessary fuel. This makes the process of slimming much quicker and easier. Replacing fat with extra muscle also aids slimming because muscle uses more energy than fat, helping you stay slim once you have lost the weight. Many people also find that exercise helps to keep their mind off eating.

4. Keep a record of your weight loss. Everyone likes to feel they are making real progress, and it’s a good idea to keep a record of your weight and measurements, as well as details of your diet. You can then ensure that you prevent your weight from creeping up, and your diet from becoming disrupted. Measuring your progress every week instead of every day allows you to monitor overall progress rather than a series of fluctuations which may be discouraging. If you have one lapse you will have the rest of the week to make up for it.

5. Don’t beat yourself up. Despite all your efforts and best intentions, there will be days when you will eat the wrong things – don’t worry about it; Long term success is about persistence, not perfection. Continue to be persistent and strive towards your goal no matter what. This is a hard task to accomplish when you don’t see what you want happening right away, but it is essential to keep focused on your goal. Remember each small step in a positive direction is just that – A step in a positive direction. Each time we take a step in a negative direction it is an opportunity to learn. The key to health, happiness and a slimmer body is not to eliminate all the negatives, and do only the positive.

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